New Short Story Releases

“Poison” & “Poison II: Spring” 

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Read excerpts from “Poison” & “Poison II: Spring.”

Mild-mannered Kurt discovers a secret side of himself when Luc, a persuasive stranger, follows him off the subway. What begins as a casual affair evolves into an erotic power-play as Luc teaches Kurt to find the pleasurable side of pain. Torn between his addiction to Luc’s unique punishments and a strong desire for freedom, Kurt attempts to end their trysts before he surrenders to the chill of passion.

Part contemporary anti-romance, part surrealistic tale of sexual awakening, “Poison” was first published in 2009. This short story is not a factual portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle, nor is it tailored for readers craving a love story between the two main characters. It is merely a dark incantation of the author’s twisted mind.

In “Poison II: Spring,” Kurt and Luc haven’t hooked up since New Year’s Eve. Their chemistry rebuilds over a series of erotically charged subway encounters. A passionate threesome forces Luc to reexamine his perception of Kurt’s sexual prowess. When Kurt confesses he wants to top Luc, their relationship takes on a new dynamic.

“Poison II: Spring” can be read as a standalone.

Both stories release on  Amazon Kindle  12/24/2020.

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New Novella Release

Naomi (MASTER, Book 3)

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 Read an excerpt from Naomi (MASTER, Book 3).

“It’s all just cruelty, for cruelty’s sake.”

As his rock band’s tour kickoff approaches, Raiden struggles with Gabriel’s growing resistance to his teaching methods. The ongoing battle of wills between mentor and protégé unearths dysfunctional dynamics beneath the vampires’ collaborative efforts. When an exercise in corpse disposal goes awry, their festering sexual tension comes to a head.

Elsewhere, a ghost from Raiden’s past resurfaces—with an unlikely assistant in tow. Through repetitive and methodical grooming, this jovial phantom convinces his undead bride to help actualize a clever revenge concept designed for the sole purpose of initiating Raiden’s downfall.

Naomi releases on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback , and on other digital platforms 12/25/2020.

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About R. N. Jayne (a.k.a. Inq Idly)

Since R. N. first held a pen, she’s been devising deviant ways to wield it. Her debut novella, Crimson (MASTER, Book 1) won Best eBook in the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival Awards. On 10/16/2020, Crimson reemerged on digital platforms (and for the first time, also in paperback), reimagined in polished form.

A honer of the arts, R. N.’s an aural aficionado; a water-lover; a fleur-o-phile. Given her visual tendencies, she’s especially fond of capturing fleeting moments in the natural world outside her doorstep. She resides in the idyllic countryside with her dashing husband and precocious children.

Her alterego, Inq Idly, is a prolific poet with a penchant for expressing the spectrum of imagery from the sensual to the grotesque. Her specialties include spoken word, micropoetry, and prosetry. Currently, she’s penning a character-based collection entitled Loose Lips.

Random facts: R. N. enjoys singing and acting. She’s also terrified of balloons. (Talk about a weird phobia!) When she’s not fleeing from floating objects, she’s fantasizing about water buoyancy, levitation, and solo moonlit walks on a beloved beach.