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MASTER, Book 7

Roll out the red carpet…

Silver-screen darling Gabriel Colin comes under fire after his costar’s body turns up horrifically brutalized, but he’s too busy fleeing a far more personal crime scene to ponder the potential death of his career. At the movie premiere of Luna Sunset, Gabriel’s presence triggers a bloodbath Hollywood—and humanity—won’t soon forget.

In the interim, Justus, Gabriel’s dark-triad abuser, takes every opportunity to flaunt the actor’s raw heartbreak; at the same time, his deceitful wife Naomi stakes a claim to Gabriel’s welfare. As Naomi reaches her supernatural potential, Justus seeks to permanently oppress her. Defying Justus’ totalitarian regime, Naomi and Gabriel, along with Raiden, their bloodsucker-in-arms, engage in a gladiatorial battle with their archnemesis. Is the master vampire still too powerful to overthrow or will Naomi’s long-plotted coup d’état materialize?

As this full-throttle series hurtles to a breakneck conclusion, it’s kill or be killed…or perhaps, in some cases, both.


Warning: MASTER is intended for adults only. It contains graphic violence, explicit sexual situations including rape and sexual assault, psychological abuse, substance abuse, strong language, and other material readers may find objectionable. Reader discretion is advised.

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