“Poison” & “Poison II: Spring”

Coming to Amazon Kindle 12/24/2020.

Winter has arrived, and I come bearing news of three re-releases from my heyday as former pseud Jane Bled: “Poison,”  “Poison II” Spring,” and Naomi , the third installment in  The MASTER Series. Jane Bled has long since left the premises, but I remain in her stead. Her spirit is intact inasmuch as her bones are safely in my keeping. Since Autumn, I’ve only published works in my new name; it is my intention to keep J.B. buried, since I have outgrown her. May she rest in peace.

Though I tend to be tight-lipped about my reasons for writing what I do, I feel the need to share the preface found in the latest version of my mildly controversial erotic anti-romance “Poison.” Now I know everyone won’t enjoy my work, but it truly blows my mind to see this story on people’s shelves under “MM Romance.” No sarcasm meant: is that a joke?!

When I first released “Poison” in 2009 with a now-defunct erotica publishing company, one reviewer wrote, “If it’s a romance you’re looking for, steer clear.” For some reason, this sage piece of advice was not heeded by the majority of readers. “Poison” received a sufficient amount of backlash—especially since it falls under the category of dub-con. However, I didn’t write this story catering to anyone’s romantic fantasies of “your momma’s fluffy glitterkink.” (Props for that catchy nugget, Kymberlyn Reed). I wrote “Poison” at the height of self-loathing: in a dark, loveless state of mind I’ve thankfully not revisited in many years. Needing to unleash my hurt, I chose fictional characters to carry out my catharsis. As a result, the characters in “Poison” are not men you’d typically root for, either together or solo.

I also didn’t write this story to open a window into the RL world of BDSM. Honestly, I have little knowledge of the community, other than I know my book does not reflect the majority of its values. Time and time again, I’ve stressed to readers this story is NOT, I repeat, NOT a romance. Not a factual depiction of the BDSM lifestyle. Not meant to give you warm, cuddly feelings of comfort and love. It is exactly the opposite. Now I’m not saying it won’t tickle your fancy, but it depends on the nature of your fancy.

You can turn back this instant and put “Poison” out of your mind; or you can choose to continue, knowing full well there will be no happy ending, no HPFN, no OTP—knowing this fictional Dom and sub pairing might piss you off with their toxic antics. If you’re fine with that, you may enjoy the voyeuristic, schadenfreude-tinged experience of the 8K-ish words comprising short story “Poison.” If you’re not, you can’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

“Poison” book description:

Mild-mannered Kurt discovers a secret side of himself when Luc, a persuasive stranger, follows him off the subway. What begins as a casual affair evolves into an erotic power-play as Luc teaches Kurt to find the pleasurable side of pain. Torn between his addiction to Luc’s unique punishments and a strong desire for freedom, Kurt attempts to end their trysts before he surrenders to the chill of passion.

Part contemporary anti-romance, part surrealistic tale of sexual awakening, “Poison” was first published in 2009. This short story is not a factual portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle, nor is it tailored for readers craving a love story between the two main characters. It is merely a dark incantation of the author’s twisted mind.

Warning: “Poison” contains borderline dub-con, explicit M/M sexual situations, and depictions of abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

Preview “Poison” on Amazon Kindle.

“Poison II: Spring” book description:

Kurt and Luc haven’t hooked up since New Year’s Eve. Their chemistry rebuilds over a series of erotically charged subway encounters. A passionate threesome forces Luc to reexamine his perception of Kurt’s sexual prowess. When Kurt confesses he wants to top Luc, their relationship takes on a new dynamic.

“Poison II: Spring” is the standalone sequel to anti-romance short story “Poison.”

Warning: “Poison II: Spring” contains BDSM, M/M/M ménage, CBT, and abusive dynamics. Reader discretion is advised.

Preview on “Poison II: Spring” on Amazon Kindle. 

Naomi (MASTER, Book 3)

Coming to Amazon Kindle, Paperback, and Digital Platforms 12/25/2020.

Cover art © George Cotronis

Special Sale on Smashwords: the epub versions (compatible with most e-readers) of all three books in The MASTER Series are deeply discounted! Sale ends 1/1/2021.

Crimson (MASTER, Book 1) $1.99 $0.99

Luna (MASTER, Book 2) $2.99 $1.50

Naomi (MASTER, Book 3) $2.49 $1.87

Naomi book description:

“It’s all just cruelty, for cruelty’s sake.”

As his rock band’s tour kickoff approaches, Raiden struggles with Gabriel’s growing resistance to his teaching methods. The ongoing battle of wills between mentor and protégé unearths dysfunctional dynamics beneath the vampires’ collaborative efforts. When an exercise in corpse disposal goes awry, their festering sexual tension comes to a head.

Elsewhere, a ghost from Raiden’s past resurfaces—with an unlikely assistant in tow. Through repetitive and methodical grooming, this jovial phantom convinces his undead bride to help actualize a clever revenge concept designed for the sole purpose of initiating Raiden’s downfall.

Read an excerpt from Naomi (MASTER, Book 3) . Warning: contains spoilers for Crimson and Luna (MASTER, Books 1 & 2). Please skip the excerpt if you don’t want to know plot details.

Order Naomi for 25% off on Smashwords.

Order Naomi on Amazon (Kindle or paperback).

Order Naomi at your preferred online bookstore.

Personal Note

At the start of my pregnancy.

Y’all, I’m about to have a baby. For real—I’m 5 days away from my scheduled C-section (unfortunately, I’m not physically able to give birth), so I’m feeling immense pressure to complete the tasks I won’t have time for once my third child makes his debut. Then again, one could argue the pressure is self-imposed. I’ve spent many years mired in defeatist attitudes; this pregnancy has lit a fire under my arse to get s**t done like no other event in recent memory. No matter what happens with my books, I’m fiercely proud to have accomplished what I set out to do: republish all my old works in better condition than their original versions, complete a couple more MASTER novellas (Books 4 & 5 were penned during NaNoWriMo), and release “Primer,” my latest erotic short story, to the public. Done, done, and done. Mind you, I’m not one for patting myself on the back unless I deserve it. Having wasted much of my youth on career indecision and ineffective daydreaming in lieu of taking charge of my decisions and sticking to my goals, it seems this year, I’ve finally turned a corner. Since September, I’ve worked harder on my writing than ever before. As a result, I’m confident my effort is made evident via the improved quality of my finished products. 

To anyone who has purchased, read, or spread the word about my books: I could thank you until my pen dried up, and it still wouldn’t be enough. During this season of giving, receiving, and expressing gratitude, it may prove difficult to face the uncertainty of when quotidian living will improve—or when a semblance of normalcy will return, post-pandemic. Too many people have been forced to endure unimaginable hardships. Hundreds of thousands of folks have lost loved ones. Millions have been forced out of steady income and lack financial security. Nevertheless, there is a vital reason to face each day as it comes: the persistence of hope.

No matter which holiday(s) you celebrate as the horror show of 2020 draws to a close, I wish you a time of peaceful reflection. May the new year bring renewal and positive change to you, your surroundings, and the ones you hold dear. Take care, and stay safe. I’ll catch up with you again after I re-learn how to swaddle my future bundle of joy. It goes without saying—I’ll have my hands full.


R. N. Jayne

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