“Poison” & “Poison II: Spring”

Coming to Amazon Kindle 12/24/2020.

Winter has arrived, and I come bearing news of three re-releases from my heyday as former pseud Jane Bled: “Poison,”  “Poison II” Spring,” and Naomi , the third installment in  The MASTER Series. Jane Bled has long since left the premises, but I remain in her stead. Her spirit is intact inasmuch as her bones are safely in my keeping. Since Autumn, I’ve only published works in my new name; it is my intention to keep J.B. buried, since I have outgrown her. May she rest in peace.

Though I tend to be tight-lipped about my reasons for writing what I do, I feel the need to share the preface found in the latest version of my mildly controversial erotic anti-romance “Poison.” Now I know everyone won’t enjoy my work, but it truly blows my mind to see this story on people’s shelves under “MM Romance.” No sarcasm meant: is that a joke?!

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If you celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Today I come bearing news of another new release right on the heels of “Primer.” Luna, the second installment in LGBTQ vampire series MASTER, is officially back online. When I first published Luna back in 2014, it was embarrassingly riddled with typos, format issues, and the occasional grammatical error. Since I enlisted the services of Reedsy freelance editor Beth Dorward this time around, I’m confident the second edition of Luna is a superior reading experience. In addition to adding about 10K words of previously unpublished backstory regarding how rock star vampire Raiden honed his killing skills under the coercive influence of his bad-to-the-bone maker Justus, I’ve polished up the present-day interaction between Raiden and his hotheaded protégé Gabriel.

Bonus! I made a book trailer. Be forewarned: there are spoilers in the trailer relevant to both Luna and Crimson (MASTER, Book 1). If you’re unfamiliar with the story, I suggest reading Crimson first. Check out the Crimson book trailer for a peek at the plot. Furthermore, I invite you to indulge in a free copy of Crimson on Smashwords (epub format). Since I’m feeling extra giving, I decided to put Luna on sale for 50% off as well. The last day of this two-book Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is 11/30—please don’t hesitate to download your free copy of Crimson and grab Luna while it’s 50% off. In return, if you’d be so kind as to leave me a rating and/or review to help spread the word about my books, I’d greatly appreciate it. 

In case you missed it, I released the “Primer” trailer yesterday. Near the end of this blog post, I’ve provided a brief synopsis of that story as well. And…surprise! “Primer” is free today on Amazon Kindle. I’m super-curious to know what readers think of this story, as it’s my first attempt at penning erotica featuring explicit sex scenes with both f/f and hetero pairings. My test readers went wild for it, but one of them was definitely biased, since I wrote the story per his commission req’s. 😉

Back to the main point of this post: Luna’s release! Scroll past the book description to view the trailer, read an excerpt, and find the purchase links. Don’t forget about that special Smashwords sale I’m hosting until 11/30. Happy perusing!

Cover art © George Cotronis

Luna (MASTER, Book 2)

Release Date: 11/27/2020.

Genres: LGBTQ/Vampire/Horror/Dark Fantasy/Paranormal/Contemporary

Description: A fledgling vampire needs a seasoned mentor to help him hone his homicidal instincts. The scent of blood is both an incentive for murder, and a potent aphrodisiac…opposites attract.

In the present, rock star Raiden and his reluctant sidekick, celebrity actor Gabriel Colin, encounter various challenges while attempting to conceal their criminal activities. Their shared proclivities provide fodder for the potential formation of a bond beyond necessity.

Stalking humans to satisfy Raiden’s need for blood is a means to an end—but who provided the blueprint for his methodology? Snapshots of the singer’s past reveal further details of his transformation; and once again bring him face to face with Justus, the master vampire who orchestrated his fiancée’s demise.

Amid two timelines, the tension between maker and creation intensifies, exploding into degenerate violence—and surprising passion.

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Cover image © Kuzmin Pavel


Release Date: 11/26/2020

Genres: Bisexual Erotica/Romance/Contemporary/Humor

Book description: Carmen is a sassy late-bloomer beleaguered by an increasingly monotonous existence and unrelieved sexual frustration. During an impulsive night on the town, she encounters Stefan, a darkly handsome, lyrics-quoting tech nerd. Exploring a potential hookup with Stefan might provide the inspiration Carmen requires to stop obsessing over a year-old one-night stand with temptress Yumi…especially if this seductive new suitor can satisfy her filthiest roleplay fantasies.

Warning: The following short story contains explicit sexual content, including student/teacher fetish, spanking, and f/f. Reader discretion is highly advised.

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And finally…

With less than five weeks left until the birth of my third child, I’m doing my best to stay ahead of the curve and republish previous works (all the while writing new ones, such as the sequel to “Primer,” MASTER Books 4 & 5, and finishing unpublished works The Second Best Thing and Bare Possibilities). Wish me luck!

R. N. Jayne

As I gear up to release Luna, the second book in my LGBTQ vampire series MASTER, I’m grateful to have the expertise of inestimable editor Beth Dorward and the artistic vision of cover artist George Cotronis. Getting my feet wet with indie publishing via Reesdy hasn’t been easy, but I’m ultimately glad I decided to go this route. Sink or swim, I’m here for the long haul.

Today, I come bearing fruit from Luna (release date 11/27/2020). The following brand-new excerpt follows singer-cum-vampire Raiden as he pursues his next meal in Nagoya, Japan. What he doesn’t realize: someone else is simultaneously stalking him.

Genres: LGBTQ/Horror/Dark Fantasy/Paranormal/Contemporary

Warning: Allusions to drug abuse and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Cover art by George Cotronis

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The day has finally arrived: my LGBTQ vampire novella Crimson (MASTER, Book 1) has returned to digital shelves worldwide (and, for the first time, it’s available in paperback on Amazon). I seriously cannot believe I pulled off this book revival at nearly 29 weeks pregnant, but this proves I’m tougher than I think. Rawr.

Last night, I debuted a book trailer to whet your appetite. It’s my first time out of the gate creating a video teaser on my own. I’d love to hear your opinion on how I did with the limited, yet extraordinarily helpful, Microsoft Video Editor. I used a bunch of stock photos and combined them with original footage I took of my super-sexy-but-doesn’t-know-it husband. (Shh.) Fear not–I gave artistic credit where credit is due; all contributors are listed in the YouTube description section of the trailer.

Reminder: there’s currently a Goodreads Giveaway for the Kindle version of Crimson. On October 29, the giveaway will end, and 100 winners will receive their comped copy.

So far, 102 people have entered…and it’s only the first day! To say I’m ecstatic would be an understatement. My goal is to get Crimson as widely read as possible before the release of Luna (MASTER, Book 2) at the end of November (exact date TBD–I’ll make it official by the end of this month). 

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Final thoughts

Self-promotion makes me feel like the following:

-a used car salesman

-one of the sharks from any corporate furniture store

-a self-loathing telemarketer

-The Devil

But hey! It’s a necessary evil, no? Still, I’m looking forward to getting back to writing this weekend in order prepare my final manuscript draft of Luna for my new editor (more on that later) by the 21st. There’s something uncomfortably pleasurable about working on a deadline…or maybe I’m just a sucker for pressure. Something to consider…

Anyway, have a splendid weekend! I’ll be hacking into pumpkins when I’m not pecking away at the keyboard. What’s your favorite Fall tradition? Mine is stealing my kids’ Halloween candy.

Until next time,

​R. N. Jayne

‘Tis the season for things that go bump in the night (with a little bump ‘n’ grind on the side). Take a gander on my award-winning hybrid-genre novella: reimagined, re-edited, re-packaged…remastered. If you don’t mind a bit of bite to your read, Crimson might be just the thing to get you in the mood to scream.
Warning: Crimson contains triggering subjects such as sexual assault, violence, and various forms of abuse. In addition, the story features a couple of brief, yet explicit, sex scenes. Reader discretion is highly advised.
Genres: Dark Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal/LGBTQ/Contemporary
Suggested reader age: 18+

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Crimson by R. N. Jayne


by R. N. Jayne

Giveaway ends October 29, 2020.

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Re-envisioned. Revised. Remastered.

Eleven years ago, Crimson (MASTER, Book 1) was wrenched from the mewling cavern of my cacophonous brain, wiped free of bloody afterbirth, and sent sprawling into the chaos of the World Wide Web. This niche vampire novella seemed destined to remain an experiment in online-only publishing; until Summer 2020, when I decided it was time for my tween to gain substance–and a physical body, via paperback print-on-demand. The version of Crimson set to reemerge on 10/16/2020 reflects the craft development I’ve both self-taught and assimilated over years of trial, error, and careful observation. At first, my book baby flourished (winner of Best eBook in the 2009 Hollywood Book Festival Awards). Soon after, my toddler began to flounder (less than glowing reviews in certain circles; pirated eBook copies widely distributed). Finally, my older child retreated into hibernation like a hormonal, moody bat too ashamed of growing pains and obscure status to perpetuate increasingly awkward interactions with the outside world (removed from publication with the scowling demeanor of the Fox who shunned the “sour” grapes). 

Fast-forward a few years–past physical deterioration, chronic illness, multiple surgeries, death of loved ones, starting a family, raising children, and a mental breakdown or two–I’ve arrived at this RL point: 27 weeks pregnant, ready for the rebirth of my metaphorical baby mere months before the debut of my third flesh-and-blood child. This time around, however, instead of attempting to self-publish without any outside assistance (been there, done that, fell splat on my back), I’ve hired helping hands via Reedsy: Donald Weise, an experienced editor with a penchant for niche, erotic-tinged LGBTQ fiction; and George Cotronis, a talented illustrator and book cover designer who specializes in horror and dark fantasy art. Though my writing process is largely private, I require the assistance of other creative and analytical minds to maximize the potential of my storytelling impact.

As I eagerly await Crimson’s release date, I’m all too aware of the jaunting leap of faith readers will need to take on an unknown author. I don’t have delusions of grandeur, fame, and fortune: I’d simply be thrilled to (eventually) gain a loyal following for The MASTER Series. This saga of J-rock star/secret vampire Raiden, his vain actor co-conspirator-cum-co-star Gabriel, his Big Bad, pure-evil vampire-maker Justus, and his first victim, naïve fiancée Naomi, has stayed with me since its inception in the early 2000’s. Despite my best efforts at banishment, the voices of these characters won’t cease to haunt me. I’ve put The MASTER Series in time-out–shushed it–told it to go to its windowless room. I’ve ignored it, attempted to will it out of existence–done everything in my measly power to escape its sway–but, with a survivor’s grim determination, it keeps me locked within its bloody grip. No matter how often I’ve abandoned my ambition to complete the series, it always comes around to this: I must not leave it unfinished. What’s more: I want to finish it. So I will. With two more books awaiting edits, and the fourth in-progress, I’m about halfway to the seven-book finish line. I hope you’ll join me on the sidelines to witness its transition into adulthood. 

Learn more details on the impending release of Crimson, or preorder your Kindle copy here. You can also read an excerpt. A word of caution: this story contains triggering themes, such as domestic violence, substance abuse, sexual assault, and repressed sexuality. Reader discretion is highly advised.

Question of the week: if you could pick one supernatural creature to inhabit for a day, which you choose, and why? My pick: a faerie, because WINGS.


Until next time,

R. N. Jayne

R. N. Jayne


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